...spectators at the unveiling of the Fastback Fiero in 1986 mistook the GT version as the new Corvette.


Fiero kitSporty Red FieroUgly Fiero KitUgly Fiero Kit (Notchie)


Black Notchie FieroBlack Notchie FieroBlack Notchie Fiero RimsBlack Notchie Fiero Engine


Black Notchie Fiero RearMaroon FieroFiero Zimmer Quick SilverFiero with louvers

Fiero Big WheelsBig Wheels Front Mounted EngineOrange Lambo FieroBig Wheels Front Mounted Engine

Pontiac spent over $300 million to produce the Fiero, yet cancelled the car on a 'hunch' they would lose a maximum of $20 million between 1988 and 1995.

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