My Modifications

Decklid Gas Strut: After installing the factory spoiler, the decklid torsion bars were too weak to support the additional weight. Here's how to fix the problem:

Grab yourself a gas strut bar from an automotive shop (e.g. Canadian Tire)

This code should give you a strut that is 16 inches long when fully extended

Remove the first of the three bolts on the bracket connected to the decklid; shown here is the passenger side bolt

Since the original Fiero bolt is too short, purchase one where the upper portion is threadless

Remove the bolt closest to you; if you do not remove it, space will be limited

Drill a hole (15/64') about an inch and a half away from the bolt you removed in the previous step; recall that this is the bracket holding the grill vent

Grab yourself another bolt about 3.5 inches in length; sleeved 2 cm's and threaded 1 cm

This is how is should appear from the inside of the bracket

Some additional photos

Recall Decklid Weather-strip: This rubber gasket runs along the outer edge of the decklid to prevent excessive water from seeping into the engine bay. It was recalled by Pontiac dealerships, as it was assumed that the engine compartment gets too hot in its presence. However, not only does it serve its purpose as a water barrier, it makes the engine compartment look complete. It can be installed with the decklid intact, but it is recommended that the decklid be removed.

Oil Pressure Sensor Switch: The original would transmit faulty readings, especially after long trips; installing this corrects the problem.

Stock OEM Passenger Side Rocker Panel: Painted to match the car's original metallic silver, side-skirt colour (M Code 14; WA-8924).

Stock OEM Pontiac Fiero GT Spoiler: Painted to match the car's original metallic gold colour (M Code 56; WA-8962).

Low Temperature Fan Switch: This allows the engine to run cooler by automatically switching on the radiator fan when the engine reaches a temperature of 210 F (99 Celsius). Once the engine has cooled to 200 F (93 Celsius), the radiator fan switches off allowing for a continuous cycle. It is recommended that a 180 F thermostat be used in conjugation with this switch. Purchased from Rodney Dickman's Fiero Accessories.

HELP Striker Bolt (Part # 38421): This prevents the door from rattling when driving over bumpy roads.

Rear Sway Bar: Added a stock front sway bar to the rear engine cradle. Adding this sway bar prevents the vehicle from oversteer (fish-tailing) to its suspension system. The car now turns more neutrally (See illustration below). If you plan on driving your Fiero in the winter, this is not an upgrade you want to pursue because you tend to lose traction.

Maremont Muffler: Stock OEM muffler.

Dual Steering Damper/Stabilizer: A second steering damper induces greater stability while driving on city roads. These heavy-duty adapters were designed to bolt two steering dampers together.

Catco Catalytic Converter: This catalytic converter simply bolts on to the original Fiero pipes using 2-1/4 inch u-clamps. However, rather than bolting it on, it was welded instead. Purchased from Rodney Dickman's Fiero Accessories.

Delorean (DMC) Horns: High tone and low tone horns. Installation is very simple. Jack the front end, remove a single bolt holding the old Fiero horn and install the new one; repeat for the other side.

New Headliner Fabric: Used a full aerosol spray can of Super 90 3M Adhesive.

Painted engine bay grills: Mar-Hyde black satin paint and clear coated with engine enamel using ceramic (Duplicolor DE1636). The photo taken of the engine bay vent (shown below) does contain clear coat.

Tail lights (P O N T I A C) and brake lights: Brighter rear lighting. Purchased from Rodney Dickman's Fiero Accessories

Power door lock system: Installed door lock actuators by mounting them onto two solid brackets. Bolt them onto the frame of your door and make sure the motor perfectly aligns with the metal rod. Also, make sure the motor does not interfere with the window.

Alarm System: Scytek Astra 4000

Sound deadener (E-dead): Sound deadened side B pillars, doors, and the roof. This deadener is heat resistant to 400 degrees. It is made out of butyl rubber and has a self adhesive backing.

Speaker conversion: Pyle X-gear (4 x 10) at the front and (4 x 6) at the back. Installing the rear 4 x 6 speakers requires cutting through the frame to fit the large magnet. The front 4 x 10's, however, are plug and play.

Cross-member braces: Removed the old braces and installed brand new stock braces for added support.

Transmission and engine mounts: Added new transmission mounts to the front and the back.

Torque strut (dog bone): Removed the old rubber bushing and installed new polyurethane bushings.

Painted stock calipers: Used a caliper paint kit (Duplicolor).

Sony CDX GT500 CD Player: Options include:

  • CD player with built-in amplifier (17 watts RMS/52 peak x 4 channels)

  • Plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs (including discs loaded with MP3, WMA, and ATRAC3plus music files)

  • Dot-matrix fluorescent display

  • EQ3 (seven preset tone curves and a 3-band parametric equalizer)

  • Dynamic Soundstage Organizer

  • 24-bit digital to analog converter

  • Aux Lite auxiliary input

  • CD changer controls

  • Satellite radio-ready (XM or SIRIUS)

  • CD Text compatible

  • Detachable face

  • Clock

  • AM/FM tuner

  • 18 FM/12 AM presets

  • Seek tuning

  • Remote control

17 Inch MSR Gun Metal Gray Rims and Nexen High Performance Tires

Chrome Exhaust Tips