Prototype Photos


Pontiac Fiero Turbo: Regarded as the Porsche Eater of its time, this Fiero featured a turbocharged engine with a fully functional intercooler located within its rear wing. This model was also built on a 1988 chassis, which featured an updated suspension system and brakes.
Pontiac Fiero Turbo: Shown here is a fully functional ram-air roof scoop.
Pontiac Fiero Turbo
Pontiac Fiero Turbo: Rear wing and intercooler.
Pontiac Fiero Turbo

No matter where in the world it is today, each Fiero frame went through a 2.5 story Gilman mill-and-drill machine where its chassis was gauged at the tops and leading edges of both doors and centered cross-car, then drilled with 39 mounting points for the external body panels. This precision allowed panels to be fitted within ± 0.50mm. The entire process took less than 1 minute to complete.